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Firewire from THE BLAZE 5th August 2013
  This is a sponsored message from our friends at Covenant America.  
Dear loyal BLAZE reader,

"You are a patriot--a freedom warrior of our generation."
"Your voice, freedom's voice will be magnified a hundred fold with the power
of the tools you can only experience here."

On September 13th, 14th, and 15th, Glenn Beck and Covenant America will team up to produce a unique, transformative event in the Branson, Missouri area. Its significance will be felt for years to come. But to understand the real power behind this event and its potential impact, you must first open your mind to the following scene from American history...

The Summer of 1776, in New York before the Americans had really begun to fight, an inexperienced general, George Washington, had made a series of blunders in what is known as the Battle of Long Island. He was being surrounded by veteran British warrior General William Howe's troops. The enormous British Naval force had more than four hundred ships, including at least seventy state-of-the-art war ships with over fifty guns each. It was the largest Naval armada ever assembled in the history of Western warfare. They were preparing to sail up the many bays, rivers, and waterways around the city to encircle the paltry American volunteers, farmers mostly, almost none of whom had ever seen battle. On that night, Howe ordered the advance of the massive naval force. The war would be over before it even started--

But George Washington had something more powerful than any warship, any naval force, or any earthly king. He had access to a divine promise--a covenant--between God, the People, and the government. This covenant established the beating heart, the soul of the nation, and this covenant offered the fledgling nation unprecedented, even Divine protection.

America's indispensible man, General George Washington, knew the secret of how to invoke its promised blessings...

The "Secret" that the British didn't know...

Washington clearly believed, and the signers of the Covenant did not lightly pen, the final words of the Declaration of Independence. "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." The founders clearly recognized this document to be a Covenant with Providence (God). And upon that historical and legal parchment, they risked everything because of the promise--the covenant--contained within the document.

The Declaration of Independence is the heart of our American nation. It is the "WHY" of every legal document, including the Constitution.

On that pivotal night in New York, Washington pled for the blessings of heaven. Ferocious winds began to blow from the North, pushing the British ships back down the river. It continued to blow throughout the night while Washington carried out a brilliantly executed evacuation of nine thousand troops under the cover of darkness. In the still dark morning hours, the wind shifted to a favorable wind for Washington. But even then, he was running out of time. However, as morning approached, an unusually dense fog settled upon the British side blocking their view of the mile-wide East River while the sky was clear on the Manhattan side as Washington's army made their escape, thus living to fight another day.

Washington knew the Covenant was real. But its blessings could only be tapped by a righteous and humble appeal to the Almighty, thus invoking a firm reliance on the Hand of Providence. Throughout the Revolutionary War, Washington called upon Congress and the nation no less than five separate times to humble themselves in fasting and prayer for divine protection and care. And God listened!

Where are we now?

We might ask now, where are we as a nation? Could we invoke the divine protection of Providence now?

Numerous forces have been at work for decades, even generations, to reduce the relevancy of religion in America and to increase dependence on government. In short, throughout America we have replaced "a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence" with government insurance policies of federal programs and subsidies.

But in September, Glenn Beck joins with Covenant America at a unique event begins to change that picture. This is an event that you will not want to miss in Branson, MO on September 13th, 14th, and extending to Sunday the 15th for those who wish to remain for the Sunday services. Glenn will be the keynote speaker on Saturday.

The event is unique in that it is a gathering of both patriotic and religious groups. Despite this "diversity", a very clearly focused series of messages starts on Friday and continues through Glenn's final keynote address on Saturday. This continuous message is designed to elucidate principles of freedom rarely addressed in the public square: the divine association between God, the People, and the government, the very essence of which is molded into the opening of our Declaration of Independence. These principles have been overlooked and dismissed for years because forces hostile to the roots of our liberty have cleverly eliminated these principles from our public discourse. The Declaration of Independence, our nation's heart and pulse, has been shredded from the American soul. It is scarcely mentioned in our schools and it has even been rejected by the Supreme Court to have any precedent or binding effect upon our Constitution.

A Transformative Event--Loaded with Entertainment

Therefore, this Covenant America event with Glenn Beck is unique in its message and in its delivery. It will be exhilarating, inspiring, and entertaining. Truly, you will not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event. On top of Friday and Saturday's patriotic, inspiring, and instructional speeches will be interludes of entertainment by seven of the Best-of-Branson's incredible entertainment groups. You will laugh. You will cry. You will rejoice and joy in the music, word, and dance of
The Osmonds 2nd Generation
The Duttons
"IT" by the Hughes Brothers
George Dyer
Barbara Fairchild
The Bretts
Voices of Glory
Where else can you enjoy seven of the Best of Branson entertainment all in one location?

A Transformative Event--Enlightened Art

In July, at Glenn's Man in the Moon Event, we unveiled for the first time Covenant America's moving diorama of commissioned art. Life-size paintings, as large as 5' x 5'. Every piece of this collection was created to show America's covenant history and the miracles and protection provided by God. Many who went through the full display came away in tears. Some returned two, three, even four times.

You will have the opportunity to experience the message of freedom and divine protection as you have never experienced. This diorama is designed to be a teaching tool, and we will show you how to acquire and use your own full-sized reproduction of this powerful teaching tool in your church, your schools, your communities.

You must experience these full-size masterpieces.

A Transformative Event--Inspiring Speakers

Glenn Beck will be the keynote speaker on Saturday evening; he will bring the full message to closure. But the full message will be orchestrated from Friday morning through Saturday night. You don't want to miss a single minute! Look at this remarkable line-up:
Stephen J. Spykerman (a Messianic Jew from England) and Timothy Ballard (both of whom spoke at Glenn's Man in the Moon event in July) will teach you about who America really is and why the word "Israel" refers to so much more than just an important ally in the Middle East. These two will open your eyes to what we "all have known but somehow never knew". Both received standing ovations.
Bill Norton (National Center for Constitutional Studies) and Wendy Bidwell (Project to Restore America) will help you understand the grievances in the Declaration in ways you were never taught in school.
Shane F. Krauser, (Director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education) will make you laugh and learn the relationship between the Declaration and the Constitution like you wish it had been taught to you in school, like you hope it will be taught to your children, and like you've never experienced before. Glenn Beck said, "Shane is absolutely amazing. He is the David Barton of the U.S. Constitution."
Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers) will discuss individual liberty.
George Washington (Pastor Mark Collins) will personify the individual sacrifice of George Washington, the Indispensible Man, as you have never experienced.
The Covenant America event is entertainment and American education all mixed together!

America's Youth will restore your Faith

Branson will also feature a powerful contingency of youth. The rising generation of youth have convincing testimonies of freedom and patriotism. America is not lost.

Covenant America has specifically sought out youth such as Pastor Gary Brown's Let' You may have heard of their viral video called The Thaw. It raised the hackles of the Huffington Post. And these youth have courage. You will also meet Samantha Sukman and Reagan Paul, two young women who have the courage to speak the truth about God's role in our nation. We found them AFTER they had taken a stand on principles. The rising stars Voices of Glory will thrill you with their entertaining music and powerful testimonies of God in our lives. Come feel the indescribable intensity of their witness. Don't miss this.

When you hear these youth, you will feel and know that America is not lost!

Sunday is Reserved for Sabbath Worship

Sunday at Covenant America will be reserved for Sabbath worship. We invite ministers from different congregations and denominations to deliver open-air sermons, and congregational choirs will share Gospel music. You are invited to attend any of these sermons. We recommend spending Sunday morning at the Covenant America event.

Critically Important: Freedom and Liberty Education Summit

Remember, we said that Covenant America is a gathering of many patriotic groups? Just in case you were undecided, listen to this extra! We have reserved the morning hours of both Friday and Saturday for our Freedom and Liberty Education Summit. Think of it as a mini American Education Week--a smorgasbord of freedom classes. Your ticket will allow you to choose and attend any of the morning workshops and classes from some of the leading "freedom" and "liberty" groups in the nation. Many of these workshops are designed to build communication and interaction between the many "freedom and liberty" groups helping to restore our country's freedom. Communication builds momentum. Check out the Freedom and Liberty Education Summit at the Covenant America website for more information. It's all included with your Covenant America ticket, and you don't want to be left out.

Who Are We Americans?

During the two days, Covenant America, our amazing speakers, and Glenn Beck will explore the questions: America, Who Are You? and What is our connection to ancient Israel?. You will learn how the grievances of the Declaration of Independence apply to us. Here. Now. Finally, you will be moved by the patriotism of the youth of our nation.

It will be an unforgettable experience. Don't let yourself miss this.

Can you imagine letting America's core values slip away?
There IS something you can do about it!

To be part of this historical event, go to Our event is sponsored by Integrity Film Productions, maker of the new movie "Red Wing."

Tickets for the entire event,
the art
all the speakers
all the workshops
all the Branson entertainment
only $70.00
Students, Veterans, and Seniors (65+) is $50.00
Family Pricing (all members of your immediate household) is $210
Other Front Section and VIP seating options also available

All seating sections are open seating within the seating section.

The main events begin at 12:00 each day and go until about 11:00 p.m. The Freedom and Liberty Education Summit (with an impressive and growing list of patriot leaders in the nation) will hold leadership, educational, and informative workshops from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

RV parking is available on site.
Plentiful hotels and lodging is available in Branson, Ozark, Highlandville, and Springfield, Missouri
Get your tickets early. Right now.
Glenn Beck events sell out fast.

You are a patriot and you must attend this event! You are called upon to make the sacrifices required to be here. Your voice, freedom's voice will be magnified a hundred fold with the power of the tools you can only experience here. You will make lifetime patriot friends and have amazing experiences that can only happen when this message, these speakers, this powerful music, the Covenant America art and you come together. This will be the most fun you can have saving a nation. Every dime raised arms Freedom's movement with tools to restore our nation! This is history happening, your history, your nation, your time to unite with today's patriots and make a difference. The Covenant is calling you to Branson MO. Be there! get your tickets now. Go to share this with everyone you know!

We can remake history. We can invoke the blessings of Providence once again for our nation. We can restore Honor, Courage, and Love, and we can re-begin it together.

Get your tickets now at CovenantAmerica.US

Yours in Freedom and Truth,

Covenant America

P.S. If you bring a group, any group, you can get free tickets. Learn how here!
P.P.S. If you can't attend, maybe your freedom loving friend or family can.

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